The American Legion No 58 certification document lists the following persons:

Joshua E. Kindred, Vivian K. Benson, Artie W. Logan, Robert A. Sterling, John S. Morton, Riley Breckenridge

John W. Yates, Ernest Hess, Dannie Stamper, Edward C. Yates, Hugh G. Swaney, Estell Asher, Leslie d. Shepherd

John W. Tritt, James E. Manuel, Wayne Price, James B. Miller, Elishia McClary, Emmet H. Riegel

William D. Callison, Frank Jewett, Dr. E.C. Hill, Estell S. Kerr, Buell B. Cramer, Wylie Brooks

Evan  E. Hess, William T. Herndon.

Note: the names shown in RED are soldiers that appeared in the 1919 photograph shown also on this  website.

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