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Doc1001    History of Temperance Lodge    A.Renfro    1963
Doc1002    Dr.R.J.Woods    Collins F. Kindred   
Doc1003    Temperance Lodge 75th Anniversary        1947
Doc1004    Temperance Lodge Letter to Mrs Paterson        1940
Doc1005    Inadequate Railroad Facilities       
Doc1006    Changing Faces 1916 Election    Author Unk    1916
Doc1007    Some History of Smithville    Mrs A. & M. Barnes    1967
Doc1008    Apollo Shines in Smithville    Mrs H.Harris&H.Taylor    1963
Doc1009    The Apollo Temple    Author Unk    1985
Doc1010    Charles Kindred Recollections    Charles A. Kindred   
Doc1011    The Cox Hotel    Collins F. Kindred   
Doc1012    History of the Antique Desk       
Doc1013    Eastern Star Mem Rose GardenMrs.V.Zumault & H.Yates major 1948
Doc1014    History of Gashland    Mrs. C. Clardy Reeber   
Doc1015    Recollections of 1965 Flood    Tom Carver   
Doc1016    Recollections of South Gale School    Mrs L.Rule   
Doc1017    Collins School    Mrs L. Woods Fann   
Doc1018    Gosneyville School    Mrs L.Woods Fann   
Doc1019    History of Holt School       
Doc1020    Martin School    Mrs. L.Woods Fann   
Doc1021    Mitchell School    Mrs E. (Breckenridge)Walker   
Doc1022    Rocky Point School    Mrs E. (Breckenridge)Walker   
Doc1023    Smithville Schools    Mrs L.Woods Fann   
Doc1024    Woods School    Mrs L.Woods Fann   
Doc1025    History of Arley Cemetery  Mrs. N.(Bainbridge) Gwin  
Doc1026    Sebree Smith Story
Doc1027    McDowell Mine Workers & 1930 Census
Doc1028    Rollins Information

Doc1100    Humphrey Smith & History of Smithville Mo      
Doc1101    History of Smithville Historical Society
Doc1102    Humphrey Smith Gravestone Text

Doc1103    Douglas story

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