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Around our city there are quite a few family cemeteries, in addition to the big Smithville
Memorial Cemetery, near downtown.
Formerly called the "I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows)
Cemetery, Smithville Memorial is the largest.

Many of these cemeteries can be studied further via Internet tools and websites (genealogical, etc.). 
Our goal here is to identify local cemeteries, in order to make note of some of our prominent historical citizens and families.
(Please note in the following cemetery descriptions that the term “patriarch” is used to indicate the first person of that family in our area.) 


Aker Cemetery


In 1828, the Aker family patriarch,
John Aker, purchased (pre-empted) 80
acres in Township 54N Range 32W
Section 25, located 3 miles northeast of
Smithville. It is now part of
Smithville Lake Project.
The earliest burial was in 1835, of
John Aker himself.

There are only 13 known burials here.

Brooks Cemetery


The Brooks family patriarch, Abijah Brooks,
purchased (pre-empted, in 1827 and 1829)
some 400 acres of land in Township 53N
Range 33W and Section 26.

Today, S.Liberty Road traverses through this area.
On the West side of this road, on a hilly slope,
the Brooks family cemetery was establishedin 1867, 
with the earliest burial being that of Landie Brooks,
who was the 1 year old daughter of Thomas Brooks.

There are only 14 known burials here.

Davenport Cemetery

The family patriarch in this area was Rice Bullock
Davenport. In 1835, he purchased some 80 acres
located Township 53N Range 33W Section 1. The
earliest known burial here was Eleonor Ligdon in
1852. Rice Bullock was buried there in 1870.
The cemetery is located in the middle of a large
field and it is in bad shape. It can be recognized
from Hwy FF, northeast of town, by spotting a
large marble globe, which is on the memorial of 
John Davenport. John, son of Rice, died in 1886.

There are only 8 known burials here.

Goss Cemetery


This cemetery is NW of Smithville, and there are many
burials with familiar Smithville family names, like Aker. 
The earliest burials were from the children of  Martin J .
Aker in 1839.

Family names are Bernard, Hornback, Justus and Lowman
also be found there, among many others.
Goss is the second largest Smithville Cemetery.

There are 293 known burials here.

K M Woods Cemetery



The Woods family patriarch, Kemp Minor Woods (1813-1897),
is buried here. Kemp was a large landowner in Smithville,  
including a lot in the downtown area. The cemetery is
located South of the city on private property.

There are only 12 known burials here.

Rollins Cemetery

The Rollins family patriarch was Lee Rollins (1801 - 1854). In 1831, he pre-empted (purchased) about 80 acres in Township 53, Range 33, Section 12. Later, he purchased some other properties nearby, but the cemetery is on the original purchase. It is fenced, and it sits out in the middle of a pasture. Thomas Jefferson Rollins (an 11 year old son of Lee) was the first burial, in 1849.

There are only 14 known burials here.

Thatcher Cemetery

The Thatcher family patriarch was Eleven Thatcher (1796 - 1871). In 1827, he pre-empted (purchased) about 240 acres in Township 53, Range 33, Section 35. The cemetery is on the original property.

Eleven, his wife, and several children are buried there, along with some related families. The cemetery is located between two houses and has been renamed "Emerald Ridge".

There are 29 known burials here.

Owen Cemetery

The Owen family came to Smithville in the very early days. The property on which the cemetery is located was purchased (pre-empted) in 1851, it is in Township 53, Range 33, Section 14 NE 1/4. The cemetery is 3/4 mile north of Smithville on Highway F.

There are 16 known burials here.

Smithville Memorial Cemetery

This cemetery originally was dedicated in 1905 as the I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows) Cemetery. The land was purchased in 1904 from Judge Kindred. Many members of our established Smithville families have found their final resting place here, and there will be more information published on them on this website.

In the center of the original West Section (west side of 169) 
under the flagpole is this Memorial:

“In loving memory of those who gave their lives in World War I and II”
This monument was dedicated in 1950 and lists 16 names.

There are 3235 known burials here.

Visitors and new members always welcome . . .

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