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Founded by Humphrey Smith (1774-1857)

 Smith's Grist Mill established 1822

Link: The Humphrey Smith Story

Humphrey Smith Grave Stone

“Here lies Humphrey Smith, who was in favor
of human rights, universal liberty,
equal and exact justice, no union with
slaveholders, free States, free people,
union of States and one and universal republic.”

Part of Epitaph, written by Humphrey Smith, on his grave stone.

(Photo Credit: Peter Vanderhoorn)

Link for Full Text of Epitaph on
Humphrey Smith Grave Stone



Interesting Fact:

From 1822 until 1837 Smithville was the WESTERN-MOST town in the United States. 

(Platte County was outside the boundary of the United States until 1838. Clay County was the western boundary of Missouri and extended north to the Iowa line.)

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